Routledge Handbook published

It has been a privilege to write the chapter on animal disaster management for the Routledge Handbook on Animal Welfare. This book is now published and available to purchase in both hardcopy and Kindle/e-book. To be published alongside experts such as Andrew Knight, Clive Phillips and Paula Sparks is an academic highlight as it is an honour.

Here is more about the book:

Informed by recent advances in animal behavioural and cognitive science, new understanding of the remarkable abilities of a wide range of animal is leading to a fundamental reconsideration of the ways in which we use, and sometimes exploit, other animals. Combining the expertise of 50 authors – many of whom are world leaders in their fields, the Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare comprehensively covers the welfare concerns associated with the farming of terrestrial species and fish, transportation, slaughter, the use of animals in laboratories, zoos, entertainment settings, and as companions, working animals, and more. Virtually all contemporary animal welfare concerns are covered in depth.

Many of these issues are controversial, challenging accepted practices, and throwing into sharp relief the differing interests of stakeholders such as industry, government, wider society, and of course, the animals themselves. In such a socially contested domain, sound evidence is important. This book explores the scientific underpinnings for the moral consideration of animals, and of evolving conceptualisations of animal welfare, that give rise to concerns about the welfare of animals used in a wide variety of social settings.

The inclusion of recent topics such as the impacts of climate change on animal welfare, and of the links between animal exploitation, antimicrobial resistance and pandemics, ensure this text is among the most current in its field. This textbook also includes coverage of animal ethics, animal law in key regions of the world, stakeholder perspectives, education, communication and human behavioural change. It is essential reading for students of animal welfare everywhere, and for policy-makers, researchers and other professionals working in the animal welfare sector.

Purchase now from the publisher or from Amazon.

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