A coffee with Stephen Brassett: the longest walk NZ


It was humbling to have such a nice article written by Stephen Brassett, The Longest Walk NZ founder and blogger. Everyone can make a difference to animal welfare, and we all often do, let it be choosing SPCA blue tick products at the supermarket, volunteering with their local animal rehoming group such as HUHA or CPL, signing petitions against rodeo, to being vegan. Stephen’s contribution in my opinion is massive. To have walked the entire length of the country to raise awareness on animal welfare is something that I and of the greatest animal welfarists could never do. Even William Wilberforce (one of the founders of the UK RSPCA) would have been pushed to have done what Stephen has done! So thank you Stephen for such kind words and it was a pleasure working with a professional writer who has strong ethics.

Check out his article from our conversation here.


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