Fugate: “Animals are people”

The most inspirational emergency management speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to live, has to be FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. It was at the Department of Homeland Security’s Science Summit in Washington DC back in 2011 and he left a marked impression on what and who we should have and expect from anyone as National Disaster Management Officer in a developed country.

He knew the business and called BS on the myths and out-dated assumptions, one of which is that any incident management system (NIMS, ICS, CIMS etc.) was finite by definition and that without empowering communities to act outside that system, catastrophic events would continue to challenge us.

Later in 2014, he gave a talk at the National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs which has been uploaded to YouTube (below).

There now is a PDF transcript of this compelling 40 minute talk.

Transcript: 2014 NASAAEP Summit FEMA Director Craig Fugate

If you are an public safety professional, you need to view the video or read the transcript. It sums up nicely why animal emergency management is critical to human safety. 

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